Celeb Horoscope: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears N more..

Birthday boys and girls (Sagittarius - November 23 - December 21)

Sagittarians tend to live large, play hard and always make front page news…check out our list of celeb Sags below and you’ll see what we mean:

• Britney Spears

• Brad Pitt

• Tyra Banks

• Jay Z

• Miley Cyrus

• Clay Aiken

• Katie Holmes

• Anna Nicole Smith

• Katherine Heigl

• Christina Applegate

• Christina Aguilera

• Ali Lohan

• Bette Midler

• Bush twins

• Natasha Bedingfield

• Jamie Foxx

• Don Johnso

The first 10 are all outrageous and take up most of any magazine/gossip internet site you will read or glance at right? Britney turns 27 December 2, the same day her CD ‘Circus’ comes out (in the US anyway). People are predicting good sales. Britney definitely gets the sympathy vote doesn’t she? She’s had a hell of ride lately and she needs our unconditional love and support, so that’s what were going to give her - that’s what we think anyway. A big part of her breakdown was post partum depression. Back to back babies will do that to anyone.

Sagittarians are tough but not necessarily strong people - look at Anna Nicole/JFK Jr) - they had their shares of battles and public dramas before both dying way too young. Miley Cyrus is looking very ‘shady’ lately - with her 20 year old boyfriend (friend) and her raunchy pics which she blamed on everyone else. She’s a total product of her showbiz environment and for a 15 year old, she’s way too grown up. As is Ali Lohan, Lindsay’s little sis - she’s 14 going on 40! Pushing stage parents seem to push their Sag kids - Britney, Miley, Christina Aguilera, Clay Aiken etc. Maybe the Sag kids asked to be pushed and are just born overly ambitious and craving the limelight?

Christina Applegate has just gone through a very traumatic time indeed and we all wish her well - but she is the one who can prevail - it really is mind over matter. Jay Z married his sweetie Virgo Beyonce and so far, no crazy news has leaked out has it?

I hear a rumour that Pisces Chris Martin and Libran Gwyneth Paltrow haven’t been seen together publicly in a while and that she is seeing someone else - is she doing a Madonna and hooking up with some young hot baseball player too? Pics in the NY Post today show Madonna and Alex Rodriguez (2 Leos) getting off a private plane and into a waiting $300,000 plus Maybach and speeding off to celebrate Thanksgiving together - leaving his kids with their mum - which is fine - you wouldn’t want him around anyway would you? He’s been playing up for years, there were all sorts of rumours flying around about him. He has spent years being married and years chasing other women - so his wife Cynthia got what was coming to her by marrying him and having 2 kids with him. An athlete, super rich, good looking and a LEO? Recipe for trouble!

Brad and Angelina??? Why do the tabloids insist in trying to break them up? They are happy - a great match astrologically - Gemini and Sagittarius and he is complete. Sag men usually settle down later in life (JFK Jr for eg) and Brad too - he was married to Jennifer Aniston but they never had kids or really settled down. And now Jen’s with ex again off again on again John Mayer (she’s an Aquarius, he’s a Libra). Great match but he’s all over the shop - he’s not a settling down type no matter what she might hope. This is simply a rebound for the holidays - Thanksgiving and XMAS - you want a partner with you.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - she’s a Virgo and very much so - while he’s a Leo (a lazy cat) - all he seems to do is lie around and watch TV and grow his weird, spooky nude beard! She acts way too dumb for anyone to remotely like her and if she wants to live her life being controlled by the weasel, good luck to her. Their charts are okay together - read all about them on my star couples on my website. I just don’t know anyone who likes any of the characters on the Hills , yet watch we do.

So who’s zooming who?

Keep your eyes and ears open boys and girls…

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