Lirik Lagu Somewhere In Brooklyn- Bruno Mars lyrics


Lirik Lagu Somewhere In Brooklyn- Bruno Mars lyrics
"Somewhere In Brooklyn"

She was covered in leather and gold
21 years old
I lost her in the cold
It's unfair she's out there
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn
She's somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn

[Verse 1]
Little Ms. Perfect
Sitting at the train stop
Red Nike high tops
Listening to hip-hop
While we were waiting
Started conversating
Before I got a name
Along came a train

oooooh, oooooh
Next stop Brooklyn
ooooh, ooooh,
Now I'm lookin'


[Verse 2]
On the street kicking rocks
Circling the same block
Green pointed flowers
Checking every corner shop
Tapping people's shoulder
Asking if they know her
Everyday's the same
It's back to the train



Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohh
I wonder will we ever meet again
[repeat 2 more times]

oh, oh, oh, oh, ohh
I hope we do
Somewhere in Brooklyn

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Lirik Lagu Bruno Mars -Somewhere In Brooklyn lyrics

Lirik Lagu Somewhere In Brooklyn- Bruno Mars lyrics

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