Lirik Lagu "Go Gentle" Robbie Williams lyrics


Go Gentle

Lirik Lagu "Go Gentle" lyrics

You're gonna meet some strangers.
Welcome to the zoo.
Bitter disappointments.
Except for one or two.
Some of them are angry.
Some of them are mean.
Most of them are twisted.
Few of them are clean.

Now when you go dancing with
young men down at the disco.
Just keep it simple.
You don't have to kiss though.
Don't waste time whit the idiots
think that they're heroes.
They will betray you.
Stick with us weirdos.

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there,
I'm gonna be there,
yes I will.
Go gentle through your life.
If you want me I'll be there.
When you need me I'll be there for you.

Don't try to make them love you.
Don't answer every call.
Baby be a giant.
Let the world be small.
Some of them are deadly.
Some don't let it show.
If they try and hurt you.
Just let your daddy know.

Now when you go giving your heart make
sure they deserve it.
If they haven't earned it.
Keep searching, it's worth it.


Go gentle to the light.
I'm gonna be there,
I'm gonna be there,
yes I will.
If all your days are nights
When you want me I'll be there.
Say my name and I'll be there for you.

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