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Long Live Rock & Roll

Lirik Lagu "Long Live Rock & lyrics

Well I was born
The year that disco died
And you two was in high school
Thank the lord that they survived
Got my first taste, on a cigar '45
And since that kiss
I rocked out all day, and partied every night

We still argue about who's better
Elton John or Billy Joel
We still wonder if Kurt really wrote the song she's sung in Hole
No one ever stop believing
This the journey of our lives
So won't you help me pour some sugar on these memories tonight?

Sing it

Long live rock
Long live roll
Long live big guitars and music for the soul
Sing it
Don't give up, don't grow old
Long live crazy nights and records made of gold
Long live rock and roll

Summer of '96, I got my first guitar
I played it till fingers said, "you're gonna be a star"
Groundels everything, at least, it was to me
A martial in my Chevy sprint
Just winding down a dream

We still argue about who's better
Motley Crew or G&R
We still can't believe Van Halen turned into Van Hagar
Now the record shouts and gon' put
And no one seems to care
But me and you, and all our friends
Keep living on that prayer

Sing it


Went to be in Cleaveland
Woke up in Tenessee
No matter where I'll roll tonight
I'm chasing history

We still argue about who's better
The Beatles or The Stones
They're forever 27
Jimmy, Janice, Brian Jones
And we're standing in that memory
'Cause their songs, they still survive
So throw your lighters up
And darling sing with me tonight

Come on

[Chorus x2]
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