Lirik Lagu "Spring Break Anthem" -The Lonely Island lyrics

Lirik Lagu "Spring Break Anthem" -The Lonely Island lyrics


Spring Break Anthem

"Spring Break Anthem"

Kings of the pussy, pounding our brewskies,
Banging chicks right there in the sand,
Bros before hoes and chicks with no clothes and
Slammin' shots and marry a man!

Who wanna do a shot? (we do),
I'm gonna get fucked up (me too),
We came for a week, we are kings of the beach,
Spray water on the girls, t-shirts see through,
Cancun, party down, Lauderdale, another round,
Havasu, crack a brew, marry a man!

Pranks when you're passed out, jokes about roofies,
Making girls kiss, marry a man!
Giant sombreros, show us your titties,
Creatine shakes, marry a man!


Oh shit! I'm too fucked up! Puke and rally, that's what's up!
Booze cruise, raise your glass, snort that coke off her ass!
Two chicks at the dance hall, take it to the dance stalls,
Trade these beads for their braaa!
Soco in my cantine, got girls jumpin' on the trampoline,
Two men bound by the laaaw!

Trashing hotel rooms, clogging up toilets,
Beer googles if she's a hag,
Planning the menu, picking out flowers,
nailing sluts and writing our vows!

Down here it's our time!
Spring breakers, let's get fucked up!
Then find Mr. Right and get monogamous,
Picking our invite font as a twosome,
Something tasteful but not too planned,
Seating arrangements, charming the in laws,
Ripping beer bongs, sex with a man!

We'll be so happy, true love forever,
Two kings walking hand in hand,
Promise to cherish, trust and respect him,
Crushing pussy, marry a man!

(Spring... break!)

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